Smokable Herbs- A Natural Way of Smoking

Smokable Herbs- A Natural Way of Smoking

Over the past decade, the number of active smokers have declined substantially. However, there are still a large number of people who are still smoking. Almost everyone is aware of the risks associated with cigarettes, many are now turning to a great alternative to them in the form of smokable herbs. This is a way to indulge their habit and not have to deal with any of the dangers that are normally associated with smoking.

Smoking with Herbs are considered the much safer and less addictive alternate to regular tobacco cigarettes. This mainly due to the use of herbs instead of tobacco. When you smoke it there is no chance of nicotine consumption . This also means that they are far less addictive than regular tobacco cigarettes and many people are using as a way to help quit smoking completely.

Although herbal cigarettes have become widely popular in recent years, they have been around since the late 1940’s , with the oldest brands from back then. Nirdose, Ecstacy, Honeyrose & Black Swan, still being sold to this day around the world. It is generally made from different types of plant based herbs and also consist of other parts of plants that are added into the mix.

What is nicotine addiction?

Nicotine is a nitrogen containing chemical which is usually a colorless or in some cases yellowish liquid. When we take it, it is quickly absorbed in our blood stream and reaches to our brain. It causes the brain to release adrenaline which takes our brain to temporary high and gives our brain a pleasant feel. It gets off soon because it is temporary and there is craving for more which leads to dependence.

Not taking it for a long time, it causes some effects as follows

  • Stress
  • Irritation
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Sleep disturbance
  • Cognitive and focus deficit

Smokable Herbs

Smokable Herbs can help in quit smoking

Because of addiction, smokers find it hard to quit suddenly. They want to smoke but also want stay away from the dangerous effects of nicotine. Most people tend to turn to either wean themselves off cigarettes by reducing their consumption, or they use nicotine gum or patches as a way to cull the urges. Some of them just try to go to cold turkey. Some smokers don’t want to deal with the intensity of quitting cold turkey while also being quite expensive to do so.

What is smokable herbs?

It is a combination of natural herbs that can be smoked and are prepared by blending two or more of these herbs in varying proportions. Consuming it calm the mind and relax the body.

It fights against withdrawal, craving and other side effects associated with nicotine addiction.

While smoking with herbs does have the thousands of other compounds that can be injected through cigarettes. It is still able to slowly make you give up your nicotine addiction. This is why they are a much better alternatives to regular cigarettes and also help those who are looking to quit.

The popularity of these smoking alternatives is among 3 types of people.

  1. Those who want to quit.
  2. Those who want to smoke but don’t want the health risks.
  3. People in the performance industry that use them as part of their act.

These are the benefits

While there are no actual smokable herbs or blends that can help you with sudden quitting. It is more of replacing a harmful habit with one that is much less harmful and can still give you the same satisfaction as before. While the chemical dependency is the obvious obstacle, you have to also consider the psychological aspect that is actually the bigger obstacle.

This is a way that herbal smoking can help as it means you are able to trick your mind into thinking you are getting the nicotine while you are actually not. This makes it much easier for you to quit smoking and get over your nicotine addiction. With all this together, natural way of smoking is like your one stop for a healthy and easy way to help you quit smoking or in general a great alternative to smoking.

Can you smoke herbs?

Yes, as it is natural and 100 % pure and contains no nicotine. Some herbs are such that you do not get addicted. You can only take it when there is nicotine thrust. It is easily available and has a lots of potential in case of treatment of smoking addiction. Smoking herbs are the herbs that improves the current condition. Balance the serotonin level in the brains which makes our nervous system better. It strengthen and stimulate various system and removes waste from our blood stream.

There are two types of natural smoking herbs you can choose from


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There Are Also Alternatives To Include

However, there are even alternatives to herbal cigarettes too. They also don’t use tobacco and also don’t have nicotine present in them. These alternatives are so that you don’t have any other toxins entering your body. With herbal smoking, even though you are not consuming any nicotine, there are still other toxins that are entering your body through the smoke you inhale. These include Carbon Monoxide and Tar. This is mainly because you are burning plant based substances and it’s something that will happen no matter what. Instead of smoking them you can try some of the alternatives to smokable herbs too.

Alternatives To Include

These include herbal smokeless tobacco, herbal blends and to a smaller part also include e-cigarettes. Herbal Smokeless tobacco are those products that imitate the different types of smokeless tobaccos like chewing tobacco, dipping tobacco, snuff or snus. These types of herbal alternatives provide you the same benefits of herbal cigarettes while being even safer because of the absence of smoke from the consumption process. These are mainly made of different herbs and plant based substances. This means they don’t provide any big health risks like regular tobacco would.

Along with herbal smokeless tobacco, another great alternative is e-cigarettes, specifically the ones that use herbal based e-juices. We know that e-cigarettes use nicotine, but with use of herbal juices you can avoid this completely. This means that they are yet another great alternatives to herbal cigarettes or regular tobacco cigarettes. This is because not only they do not have nicotine but since you are not burning anything, the production of Carbon Monoxide or Tar is negligible when you smoke them.

So, if you are someone who is maybe looking for a healthier alternatives to regular tobacco based cigarettes, or maybe you need something to help you quit smoking, or you are just looking for something that imitates smoking without risking your health. Then consider smokable herbs, and it’s alternatives as the answer.