Smokable Herbs- A Herbs for Quitting Regular Smoking

Smokable Herbs- A Herbs for Quitting Regular Smoking

Over the past decade, the number of active smokers have declined substantially. However, there are still a large number of people who are still smoking. Almost everyone is aware of the risks associated with cigarettes, many are now turning to a great alternative to them in the form of smokable herbs. This is a way to indulge their habit and not have to deal with any of the dangers that are normally associated with smoking.

Smoking with Herbs are considered the much safer and less addictive alternate to regular tobacco cigarettes. This mainly due to the use of herbs instead of tobacco. When you smoke it there is no chance of nicotine consumption . This also means that they are far less addictive than regular tobacco cigarettes and many people are using as a way to help quit smoking completely.

Although herbal cigarettes have become widely popular in recent years, they have been around since the late 1940’s , with the oldest brands from back then. Nirdose, Ecstacy, Honeyrose & Black Swan, still being sold to this day around the world. It is generally made from different types of plant based herbs and also consist of other parts of plants that are added into the mix.

There are two types of natural smoking herbs you can choose from


The popularity of these smoking alternatives is among 3 types of people.

  1. Those who want to quit.
  2. Those who want to smoke but don’t want the health risks.
  3. People in the performance industry that use them as part of their act.


As mentioned before, herbal cigarettes (being most common) contain different herbs, sometimes a mixture of them and other plant based products. The most common and popular herbs used are Mullein, Raspberry leaves, Sage and Thyme. All of these can be mixed with other herbs of plant based products and will still be less harmful than a regular cigarette.

Why do people start smoking?


Reasons For Starting Smoking


Smoking is an addiction that happens and you realise it after a while. Mostly people start smoking in their teens and pick up the habit without even realising it. Other times they make it a choice and thus impossible to quit too. Smoking cigarettes is a social activity now with over millions affected by for some or the other reasons.

Why teens start smoking?

Teen smoking is one of the most disturbing factors and with over 90% of the people taking up smoking in their teens. Teens have a special attraction toward picking up habits which they see or have been daily coming across. Some of the reasons are:

To look mature: When teens are always in an environment of seeing their parents or neighbors smoke they associate smoking with adulthood and maturity. As a result to act older, mature and smarter they start smoking.

Pressure: With a company that is into smoking i.e. the friends and siblings, there is always a pressure to take a puff or try for once. The pressure often makes teens to match up with their friends and siblings and thus there starts the habit of smoking.

Experiment: Teens is the age when people like to try out everything that comes in front of them. The trials of smoking and alcohol often lead to regularly trying them out and thus develop a habit too.

Prohibition: Anything that is prohibited gains the most attention and thus the more adults focus on not trying out smoking the teens indulge in trying them out.

Media: watching movies, commercials or their favourite stars smoke makes them attracted to the personality and the look of the smoking. Holding a cigarettes and flaunting it while smoking feels like being a same personality for them.

Why do adults start smoking?

Adulthood has a different aspect when talking about smoking. Apart from the need to have a great company to do something together and struggling to make friends, adults cling to smoking for a lot of reasons like:

To relax: Be it the pressure of the job or a struggling marriage, the dream of achieving something or failing at some of your attempts. Smoking is like a respite to adults that keeps them going and handles their pressure. People who have stress and anxiety issues often take up smoking because of stress and try to relax themselves up with a few puffs.

Controlling weight: They believe that smoking causes a certain amount of weight loss. The smokers usually weight almost 7-8 pounds less than the non-smokers and thus people start smoking for losing some of the extra weight.

For making friends/promotions: It is often seen in adults that when they find their bosses or friends smoking. The ideal way to have a friendship with them is come in their company and take up smoking. Another reason is match up with the social circle people. This gives them the recognition they had been looking for.

Emotional relief: Smoking makes one feel released from the emotional baggage, decreases appetite, and makes one feel well and thus a lot of people choose as their respite from the otherwise emotional self.

Stress, social acceptance and relaxation account for the 90% of the people’s reasons to take up smoking. Easy to pick and hard to quit, smoking is injurious to even the stress you have and the long term relaxation.

Smokable Herbs can help in quit smoking


Smokable Herbs


Speaking of harmful side effects, let’s talk about a few ways on how exactly smokable herbs can help you kick the nasty habit all together. Most people tend to turn to either wean themselves off cigarettes by reducing their consumption, or they use nicotine gum or patches as a way to cull the urges . Some of them just try to go to cold turkey and stop right away.

The main problem with these methods is that they make it quite hard for a person to quit while also being quite expensive to do so. While smoking with herbs does have the thousands of other compounds that can be injected through cigarettes. It is still able to slowly make you give up your nicotine addiction. This is why they are a much better alternatives to regular cigarettes and also help those who are looking to quit.

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These are the benefits

While there are no actual smokable herbs or blends that can help you with sudden quitting. It is more of replacing a harmful habit with one that is much less harmful and can still give you the same satisfaction as before. While the chemical dependency is the obvious obstacle, you have to also consider the psychological aspect that is actually the bigger obstacle.

This is a way that smokable herbs can help as it means you are able to trick your mind into thinking you are getting the nicotine while you are actually not. This makes it much easier for you to quit smoking and get over your nicotine addiction . With all this together, natural way of smoking is like your one stop for a healthy and easy way to help you quit smoking or in general a great alternative to smoking.

There Are Also Alternatives To Include

However, there are even alternatives to herbal cigarettes too. They also don’t use tobacco and also don’t have nicotine present in them. These alternatives are so that you don’t have any other toxins entering your body. With herbal smoking, even though you are not consuming any nicotine, there are still other toxins that are entering your body through the smoke you inhale. These include Carbon Monoxide and Tar. This is mainly because you are burning plant based substances and it’s something that will happen no matter what. Instead of smoking them you can try some of the alternatives to smokable herbs too.

Alternatives To Include

These include herbal smokeless tobacco, herbal blends and to a smaller part also include e-cigarettes. Herbal Smokeless tobacco are those products that imitate the different types of smokeless tobaccos like chewing tobacco, dipping tobacco, snuff or snus. These types of herbal alternatives provide you the same benefits of herbal cigarettes while being even safer because of the absence of smoke from the consumption process. These are mainly made of different herbs and plant based substances. This means they don’t provide any big health risks like regular tobacco would.

Along with herbal smokeless tobacco, another great alternative is e-cigarettes, specifically the ones that use herbal based e-juices. We know that e-cigarettes use nicotine, but with use of herbal juices you can avoid this completely. This means that they are yet another great alternatives to herbal cigarettes or regular tobacco cigarettes. This is because not only they do not have nicotine but since you are not burning anything, the production of Carbon Monoxide or Tar is negligible when you smoke them.

So, if you are someone who is maybe looking for a healthier alternatives to regular tobacco based cigarettes, or maybe you need something to help you quit smoking, or you are just looking for something that imitates smoking without risking your health. Then consider smokable herbs, and it’s alternatives as the answer.