Choose Natural Ways To Quit Smoking

Choose Natural Ways To Quit Smoking

Thousands of people die each day because of the harmful effects of smoking. Be it active or passive, smoking is always injurious to health. The health levels of nicotine and the harmful effects of tobacco just take the hold of the body and kill it from within slowly. And with each puff you take, there is more addiction. So you should try some natural ways to quit smoking.

Smoking is harmful for your body

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Smoking creates euphoria and a mild taste of charcoal in your mouth which gets addictive at time and may sound like a relief burning one. But truly smoking is a habit that is harmful for the body and kills you slowly. The reasons are here:

  • Smoking causes cancer
  • Smoking decreases the lung functionality and hence make you have breathing problems like Asthma
  • Cigarettes cost increases your monthly expense considerably
  • Exercising takes more effort because of inability to breathe properly
  • Body odor and clothing odor always smelling of burnt tobacco
  • The craving to have more of nicotine and survival problems

Addiction to smoking is harmful

Addiction to smoking is more harmful than smoking itself. You try so many ways of quitting smoking, but aren’t able to because of the addiction and this often leads to increased smoke and more nicotine in your blood. If you have already tried medications, sprays etc and haven’t been able to get rid of the dirty habit, it is time to try to some really effective natural ways to quit smoking.

Natural ways to quit smoking

You may try a lot of methods in medications and therapies with spas etc but the best way to help yourself quit smoking is to choose natural ways. Natural ways work wonder in restoring your health while also working towards cleaning your body off the nicotine content.

Some of the things you can choose are:

  • Herbal Smoking

It is one of the natural ways to quit smoking. It helps in reducing nicotine intake in your body. There are lots of different herbs available that you can mix and smoke them. You can get more info about this here.

  • Drink lots of water

Water is a detoxifier. If you are trying to quit smoking the nicotine content in your blood won’t let you do so easily. And that is why while your body tries to detox naturally, drink lots of water to give your body a boost in detoxifying.

  • Treat the after effects

The symptoms of quitting smoking is having dizziness, nausea, headaches etc and so take the appropriate measure to fight with them. Ginger helps in fighting nausea, green tea and fennel seed gives relaxation, chewing cardamom or clove calms the senses. Treat yourself with natural flavors to combat the urge to smoke.

  • Repair your body

Fight with the withdrawal symptoms and flush out toxins and nicotine from your body and give your body the time to repair the loss done by smoking. Maintain a healthy diet with lots of vitamins. You can opt for vitamin supplements too for doing it.

  • Give yourself a sweet treat

Indulge in sweets and give your body the carbohydrate it needs from sweets rather than cigarettes.

  • Exercise

One of the best ways of being healthy, cleaning your body & quitting smoking is to exercise. It will bring back your good breathing, increase stamina as well as make your body healthy.

Use natural ways to quit smoking as it will make your body heal from within and have long lasting health benefits for your body.

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