E-Cigarettes And Its Advantages

E-Cigarettes And Its Advantages



E-cigarettes also known as Electronic cigarettes, was introduced to help the traditional smokers mimic the same cigarette smoking effect without exposing them to the dangers of the tobacco smoking. In other words, e-cigarette is introduced with a motive to replace the traditional cigarettes as the traditional smoking involves the tobacco which causes various serious health hazards in humans.

Advantages of E-Cigarettes:

E-cigarettes do not use tobacco and other harmful and toxic substances that is found in the traditional cigarettes. Hence, these are considered less harmful and the users are not at the risk of health issues that is associated with their traditional counterparts.

The Electronic cigarette is made of three main parts – a mouth piece, a clearomizer and a battery to operate the electronic cigarette.

E-cigarettes are having the following benefits when compared to their traditional counterparts.

  • They are the healthier alternative compared to tobacco cigarettes.
  • Unlike traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes do not have the risk of fire associated with them as they are battery operated
  • They are easier to use
  • E-cigarettes do not have the stink smell associated with them
  • They are relatively cheaper than the tobacco cigarettes
  • The smoke that is coming out of the electronic cigarettes are not harmful and hence they do not affect the persons who stand next to the electronic cigarette smoking person. Whereas this is not the case with the tobacco smoking.
  • Tobacco smoking is prohibited in public, whereas e-cigarettes can be done in any public places such as airport, railway station, restaurants, parks, etc.
  • E-cigarettes are not subjected to tax unlike the tobacco cigarettes. The price of the e-cigarettes is expected to fall in future similar to the price fall observed in electronic devices such as DVD players, mobile phones, etc.

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The e-cigarette works on a build in microchip driven automizer device, which efficiently simulates the smoking process that is found in traditional tobacco cigarettes. The automizer device gets it power source from the battery source attached in the electronic cigarettes. Using this battery the automizer device burns the e-liquid that is present in the container and which helps in the formation of smoke for the electronic cigarettes.

E-Liquids for E-Cigarettes:

The e-liquids also called as e-juice or smoking liquid is available in various flavors and with different levels of nicotine. The nicotine is not a healthy option; hence they are available in different level in e-juice. The e-liquid are made to contain different quantities of nicotine such as 0mg – which is the no nicotine version of e-liquid, or a lighter version of e-liquid which contains 9mg of nicotine and a normal version that contains 18mg of nicotine.

It is up to the user to select the e-liquid that contains his preferred level of nicotine of his choice. The e-juice is known to be available in various flavors such as menthol, mint, strawberry, apple, licorice and so on. Altogether, there are over fifty flavors of e-liquid available for the electronic cigarettes. The steam that comes out of the e-cigarettes just lasts for few moments and the flavor of the smoke depend on the e-liquid used in the container of the e-cigarette.

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