Ill Effects of Nicotine Smoking- The Facts

Ill Effects of Nicotine Smoking- The Facts

Studies and researches has found that effects of nicotine smoking is found to contribute many ill effects and change in behavioural pattern in the smokers. Reports suggests that around 90% of the smokers are getting addicted to the smoking habit at early age of 19, where the first consumption of tobacco happens in the smokers before graduating from high school. More than 30% of the smokers who begin their smoking habit in their teenage, continue to carry this smoking habit till their death. Reports suggest the main reason behind their death is the smoking related diseases.

Researches has also found that the life span of tobacco users are approximately 14 years less than those who do not smoke.

Nicotine smoking is the major reason for the occurrence of early and preventable deaths in United States of America.

Hookah smoke is found to contain high number of toxins that includes carbon monoxide, nicotine, tar, heavy metals, that are found in more quantity than that found in cigarette smoke.

The nicotine that is present in the cigarettes is known to have adverse effects on brain development that is not limited to affecting the memory and attention span in smokers.

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With the increasing pollution and people trying hard to minimise and eliminate the litter count. Cigarettes are the top reason for the high quantity of litter in earth. The worry is behind that these litters which are the billions of pounds of cigarette butts are a toxic trash and if not controlled, they will have very harmful effects on all the living species on the earth.

Effects of Nicotine Smoking

  1. Smoking causes negative impact in the smoker’s attitude and mental behaviour.
  2. Smokers are found to suffer from poor oral health such as yellow teeth, bad breath, and other serious oral problems.
  3. Smoking affects the lungs directly and aids in other problems such as reduced lung growth, reduced breathing, wheezing, coughing and phlegm increase in the smokers.
  4. Serious health hazards such as panic heart attacks, depression and anxiety disorders are found to be common problems among the smokers who started the habit in their teens. In addition, smoking also results in damaging the blood vessels and result in more serious heart problems.
  5. In addition to directly affecting the lungs, smoking also affects the skin badly and results in skin wrinkling and known to cause other skin damages in smokers.
  6. Smoking is the first and basic reason behind other bad addictions such as alcohol, marijuana smoking, and consumption of cocaine.
  7. Behaviour problem such as getting in to fights unnecessarily, carrying weapons, and attempting suicides are more common among the smoking persons. In addition, the smokers are also affected in mental problems such as depression and get into illegal and high-risk sexual behaviours, etc.
  8. Smokers are also more prone to various types of cancers and strokes.
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