Herbal Blends With Natural Smoking Flavors

Herbal Blends With Natural Smoking Flavors

Herbal smoking blends have been around for a long time, and while the popularity of it has gone up recently. It is a great alternative to regular tobacco smoking. People have been mixing herbs and smoking them as a way of taking medicines or in spiritual ceremonies. Off recent though it has been used as smoking cessation product and uses multiple botanical ingredients that are mixed in a loose mixture and then smoked through a pipe, rolled using rolling paper or made into a liquid to be use in modern e-cigarettes.

Herbal Smoking Blends

While most people may find it quite intimidating to mix their own herbal blends. There are tons of companies out there that sell blends that are perfectly good and have tons of different ones to choose from. It is always good to know what goes into these blends that you are smoking.

Generally speaking, these herbal smoking blends are made out of 3 parts, a base herb, a modifier and a flavour twist. These 3 parts are added in different quantities and at the end you get a loose herbal blend that you can smoke in whichever way you want.

Each part of the blend has a desired effect on the final mixture.

For example the base of your mixture is one that will add volume and body to the smoke, the modifiers help the base by adding a smother smoke or some medicinal properties or even a different taste or smell, and the flavour twist does exactly what it says adding a nice taste to the final product.

Why Smokers Don’t Quit Smoking

Smoking is the most important reason which is responsible for causing many health hazards in human beings. Everyone knows this fact including smokers. But they just cannot quit or come out from this habit which continues to affect them mentally and physically throughout the smoking period.

The following list some of the reasons, why smokers are not able to give up the habit of smoking.

  1. The first and foremost reason for the people who can’t quit smoking is the Anxiety.
  2. It is difficult to quit because it has become a habit. Researches suggests that 90% of the smokers starts the smoking habit in their teens and it has become a habit for over years and years. The smokers are finding it difficult to break this routine habits. It becomes the habit that is beyond their control to quit and come out of.
  3. Even if people try to quit, there are people who smoke all around and these smokers usually get tempted and  go back to their smoking routine.
  4. The quit methods which are recommended such as the patch, the medications, the gums, etc. do not really seems to work for the smokers. The methods suggested to quit smoking are really not effective enough for the smokers to be away from this habit.
  5. Though non-smoker know that smoking will not help to tackle the stress. The smokers believe that only smoking helps them from the work pressure and the stress they handle everywhere.
  6. Another important reason for smokers to continue the smoking is the important fact called Desire. They just love smoking so such and do not want to quit from it, irrespective of the damages they bring to the human body.
  7. The attitude of the smokers is another important reason for them to continue with smoking. Most of the smokers think that all human beings are bound to die one day then why to quit smoking.
  8. Most smokers do not face the consequence of smoking for at least a decade. So the thought gets implanted in the smokers mind that nothing will happen to me as I have been doing it for so long and nothing happened yet.
  9. Cigarettes are too addictive to come out from. The smokers are addicted too much to them and the cravings for cigarettes is so strong, even if they try it is not easy for them to come out from.
  10. Smoking is the way through which many people handle their stress and anxiety. Without smoking, they are not able to handle the stress that comes in their job, or in everyday life.

Advantages Of Herbal Smoking Blends

These herbal smoking blends very much work in the same way as tobacco works in a regular cigarette, by burning and inhaling the smoke. However, with a regular cigarette you also end up taking in nicotine and build an addiction over time. Herbal smoking blends have none of that and even in certain cases, depending on the herbs used, can help in consuming certain medicinal substances.

While there is still a risk associated with herbal smoking and herbal blends, because at the end you are still burning something and inhaling smoke and thereby you are taking in carbon monoxide and tar, the risks are quite low compared to regular cigarettes.

It has medicinal Benefits

Like I mentioned before, there are some of these herbs that are used in herbal blends have some medicine properties. It is also generally known that they also have anti-depression and anti-anxiety properties too. Which means they can help people with these problems and take a less of a toll on their health.

So, maybe you are someone that is looking to get into herbal smoking and you are maybe wondering what all this is. There may be a few things to look out for, but as a whole herbal smoking blends are safe and can even be cheap too. If you are comfortable you can even make your own blends and even experiment mixing different herbs, to find what best suits you. Herbal cigarettes are also available with different flavors.

Coming out of the smoking habit  is not an overnight step. It is a process and it needs to be supported both by the smoker and the people around them. The important step in the process is to replace the tobacco and nicotine that is present in the cigarettes to an alternate that is found in herbs and natural foods. It will help in reducing the anxiety and stress and thereby helps in coming out of this addiction effectively.

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