Legal Herbal Smoke For Smoking

Legal Herbal Smoke For Smoking

Tobacco Smoking – The Dangers:

Tobacco smoking is the traditional form of smoking which includes tobacco and other toxic substances such as tar, nicotine and other harmful substances in the cigarettes that are known to affect the lungs directly. In addition to affecting the lungs, the important respiratory organ in humans, the tobacco smoking also causes other serious health hazards such as skin related diseases, heart disease and mental health problem and they are known to decrease the life expectancy in the smokers.

Tobacco & Marijuana Alternatives for Smoking:

With the reported serious health hazards with tobacco and marijuana smoking, there are lots of varying alternatives being discovered and used by smokers to discard the traditional smoking with tobacco.

These alternatives mainly include various herbs and blends of them that can be used as an alternative to tobacco or marijuana in cigarettes for smoking. It is perfectly legal to smoke some of the herbs that forms an alternative to smoking illegal marijuana.

These herbs form a great alternative to the tobacco smoking and it is the only the smoking that these herbs have in common with the tobacco smoking. These herbs are not harmful as compared to their tobacco counterpart and it is perfectly legal to smoke these herbs and they form such an important alternative for smokers who wants to quit tobacco and marijuana smoking.

The following lists some of the herbs that can be used as an alternative for tobacco for smoking.


This is a medicinal herb that is well known for its cleansing properties for lungs. Mullein is used as an alternative for tobacco in cigarettes and they are also a popular remedy for respiratory problems such as asthma. The leaves of mullein when dried becomes fluffy and provides a soothing effect on the throat and it has the capacity to cure the inflamed and infected lungs especially for those who just quit tobacco smoking. Read more about Mullein.

Raspberry leaves:

Raspberry leaves are the next popular set of herb mixture that is used as a substitute for tobacco or marijuana in smoking mixture. It should be completely dried while preparing them as a smoking herb and when it is used in the process, it is recommended to add a sprint of water and let the dried raspberry leaves to absorb them which provides the needed harshness on the smoking mixture to mimic the smoking process.


Catnip is one of the effective substituent for tobacco in smoking mixture. It adds a relaxing note to the smoking mixture, it is also mild and gentle and it can provide a satisfied craving for the tobacco users.


It comes in variety of flavors and all of them can be used in the smoking mixture. Sage is known to enhance the smoke of the mixture. Each variety of sage is known to provide a unique flavor and smokers generally develop a liking for a flavor. So, a trial and error method will be helpful to settle on a variety.

Lemon Balm:

The lemon balm form an unusual flavouring for the smoking mixture and they are responsible for creating a heavier smoking mixture.

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