Mullein Herbs To Smoke

Mullein Herbs To Smoke

Mullein – The Plant & Its Origin:

Mullein is an herbal plant that is scientifically known as Verbascum Thapsus. It is found to be available in more than two hundred different species. These varieties of the mullein herbs belong to the family of figwort. This plant has the capacity to grow as tall as 2 meters and it is popularly found in all over the states in America. The leaves of the mullein plant are usually fluffy and hairy, which is known to cause irritation in throat when drunk directly. The mullein plant is known to produce flowers that are of different colours that includes white, orange, red, purple, and blue.

Mullein Herbs

Mullein Herbs and its Application in Smoke:

Mullein is known for its popular applications in homeopathic therapy uses. It is also typically added to smoking blends to minimise the harshness effects. It also helps in creating a mild relaxing and calm feeling when used. They are also the excellent product to fight the anxiety in humans.

Mullein is also an important herb for lungs. When the mullein is inhaled, it helps to soothe the throat. They also aid in soothing the inflamed and infected lungs. It also acts to prevent the coughing effect till the infection and inflammation is out. The Mullein also helps to promote effective coughing that was once used as a popular medicine for tuberculosis.

Because of their wonderful benefits to the lungs, Mullein herbs are used as a replacement for tobacco in cigarettes. Mullein smoke is being recommended for the tobacco cigarette smokers who are struggling to quit the traditional smoking habit. Mullein not only helps in quitting the smoking habit but also helps in curing the inflamed lungs. They are the best cleansing product for lungs. It can be very gentle and non-toxic to the body and can be consumed in various forms such as smoke, tea, the extract of tincture or any other drink.

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Mullein Herbs – Popular Benefits:

  • Mullein Tea – Mullein as tea helps in not only promoting the digestion in humans but also helps in solving the discomfort associated with stomach.
  • It is an effective element to cure respiratory problems and is known to work best to solve asthma complaints.
  • It does not provide any drastic effect. Mullein is known to offer none to mild relaxing effect, when used in its dry form and rubbed to inhale as a smoking mixture.
  • Mullein when used for smoke, is known to provide a comforting effect on the throat and helps in curing the inflammation and infection in lungs.
  • Acts as a best cleaning element for lungs and works best for those who try to quit tobacco smoking.
  • Another wonderful application of Mullein herb is to activate the lymph circulation in the areas of chest, neck, and they are known to encourage expectoration, and diuretic and helps in soothing the throat.
  • Everything related to Mullein herb such as its leaf, flowers, seeds, are known to contribute its best to cure multiple problems in humans.
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